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A Better Lighting Option

LED lights are better than conventional (fluorescent and incandescent) lights for commercial and residential settings (in most cases) because more of the energy the LED bulb uses is converted into light and less of that energy is wasted as heat. In addition to less heat emission, most LED lights will not burn the hand when touched like older types of lighting. Also, LED lights do not contain any mercury or any other toxic elements, and emit little to no UV radiation. LED lights are environmentally friendly and help save money on energy costs and maintenance in the long term.

Get the Right Type of LED Lights

Older types of lighting may no longer be compliant with modern energy efficiency standards. For example, in California, Title 24 requires JA8 certified/compliant LED lights and LED engines, which may not always be found at local big box stores. Companies that specialize in lighting solutions are a more reliable source of quality LED lights. On another note, using a JA8 certified LED engine takes away the need for a JA8 certification on the light fixture, which saves lighting manufacturers money when creating new designs.

Finding the right LED lights for different places is easier than ever. They come in bulbs, strips, bars, and other forms. People also have the option of getting them wireless. A wide variety of durable and well-crafted fixtures are available to house LED lights both outdoors and indoors.

Wireless Options

Wireless LED lights have become more popular in the market due to technological advances in home appliances. People like wireless LED lights because they allow for more convenient control by the end user as they are often controllable via phone apps or remote controls.Wireless features can be incorporated into nearly any fixture or bulb, whether it is used as part of down lights, accent lights, outdoor landscape lights, cove lights and more.. When used in lighting projects, they help achieve a modern controls layout. Much like other home appliances that have gone wireless, lighting is no exception with control protocols such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave and more providing more options to manipulate lights without having to find a wall switch. These lights are everything good about LED lighting but with the added benefit of convenience.

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