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About American Illumination, Inc.

Based in Torrance, CA, American Illumination, Inc. is one of the leading full service LED lighting manufacturers in the USA serving OEM’s, Lighting/Electrical Distributors, Designers and other industry professionals seeking high quality specialty and commercial LED products since 2007. Everyday, American Illumination strives for excellence in customer service, vision, integrity, and creating high quality and dependable USA LED lighting solutions.

Client services include:


  • Manufacturing: LED Engines. Turnkey plug & play KED engine solutions can simplify the incorporation of LED technology into fixtures or retrofit projects and relieve designers of the hassle of trial and error. As boutique LED lighting manufacturers in the USA, American Illumination specializes in the design of user friendly, fully integrated LED light engines for fixtures, systems, and other structural applications. The firm provides a beneficial relationship with fellow manufacturers – from outdoor lighting OEMs to furniture makers – to streamline the light engineering process. Off-the-shelf and custom LED engine designs are available.


  • LED Fixtures Manufacturers. Privately labeled LED fixture solutions eliminate high barrier to entry costs and enable lighting professionals to expand their LED product offering at minimal risk. As LED fixtures manufacturers, American Illumination, Inc. partners with lighting brands to produce specification grade LED fixtures which incorporate their proven LED engine core technology. AI works hand in hand with designers and OEM’s to build custom LED solutions tailored to client specifications and applications, from design inception to production and packaging. Many brands consider American Illumination to be the extension of their business which handles engineering, design, research and development, thus enabling brands to focus where it matters: sales.


  • Sourcing. With extensive manufacturing relationships in Asia developed over 10+ years, American Illumination are the top LED manufacturers in the USA and sources affordable, high performing lighting solutions for OEM’s, Distributors, and lighting professionals for their global lighting needs. American Illumination only works with manufacturers in Asia that have been personally vetted and provide top notch, value-driven products under ISO9001 approved guidelines. Their staff can provide on-site assistance, including design revision implementation, mold production, packaging design, QA/QC, shipping logistics, and cost negotiation.


  • Consulting & Production Management. Need help on a lighting project? Have a lighting feature you want to incorporate, but don’t know where to start? As dedicated LED manufacturers in the USA, American Illumination can help tackle any lighting challenge! From product design and collaboration, to procurement and supplier communication, American Illumination can provide the help that lighting teams need in order to propel their projects forward. Clients can focus on developing sales channels while American Illumination provides production peace of mind, protecting their clients’ interests at every turn.