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Lighting is an inspiration.

We understand that lighting does much more than illuminate a space. Rather, it sets the mood, it influences our behavior and health, and it allows us to absorb and comprehend the world around us. Lighting can transform a drab atmosphere into one that evokes awe from those who experience it. Adding lighting to a structural feature, device, or other object injects life and purpose into the product and those who interact with it. This is the underpinning paradigm under which we operate, and is the reason why we take your lighting solutions as seriously as you do.


Custom LED lighting.

Custom LED Lighting is not only a stylish and impactful option for lighting a home or commercial space, but it can also be modified to suit to the exact specifications for an interior or exterior project. This gives you the opportunity to design your custom LED lighting in a way that illuminates the space sufficiently while also complementing or highlighting the surrounding elements, such as structural features, furniture, plants.  The right lighting for a space can evoke a mood appropriate for that location, whether it is a hidden IP68 grade, low light level, extra warm white cove fixture for a spa sanctuary, or a color changing, micro post top lamp that blends into the animated features of an amusement park ride. We understand that the right lighting solution can make or break a space; therefore, we want to help designers, facility owners, and homeowners create the perfect custom LED lights for their space. Regardless of the specifications needed or the complexity of your requests, we will do everything we can to help you make your project look as spectacular as possible with the design and fabrication of our custom LED lighting.


We can help you build it.

American Illumination supports other manufacturers, designers and makers who have a unique vision, and we help them bring that vision to reality.  Whether it’s a restoration/replica project or brand new build, we welcome you to submit your drawings, concepts, and requirements so that we can assist you with every step of the way.  Our ODM manufacturing and design capabilities can provide you with an extension of your brand operation, from pre-development to production and white label.  Let American Illumination, Inc. do the heavy lifting on development, production, and shipping while you focus on your market, sales, and clientele.


Let’s get started.

To get the ball rolling, we’ll need some information about your project. Submit your drawings, concepts, specification parameters, etc. to and we will contact you within 48 hours to schedule a follow up.   Our initial 30-minute consultation can be conducted in-person or over the phone and is free of charge.  Full scale development, including component specification, engineering drawings, industrial design consulting, and project management are billed at an hourly rate. Additional costs such as prototypes, molds, samples or materials are billed at cost to the client.



American Illumination has long served as a partner to many OEMs and designers from component level to full luminaire manufacturing. Consider us an extension of your brand or team, and together we can tackle the challenges for your production and product line.  Our vast network of resources in Asia and the US will empower you to create high quality designs without having to invest in high cost equipment or commit to risky overhead.  We offer mutual NDA and confidential arrangements as we take your intellectual property as seriously as you do.


Questions? Contact us at or (310) 340-7625.