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An LED light uses one or more light-emitting diodes to produce a brilliant, energy-efficient light. LED lights have a much longer lifespan than incandescent lights with an equivalent brilliance, and have better performance and color characteristics than fluorescent bulbs. In fact, a few very efficient LED chips can emit more than 300 lumens per watt.

RGB (or RGBW) LED lights are a special and colorful type of LED lamp. RGB stands for red, green and blue, whereas RGBW has an additional white diode. RGB LED lights arrange these three colors into single LED chip in order to produce more than 16 million shades of light. The addition of a White or Amber diode in the RGB chip means a wider range of saturation as well as better quality white color temperatures.

This type of specialized LED light is perfect for creating brilliant displays for your business or property. The various color options, when paired with a controls system or pre-programmed controller, create vivid and attractive shows for passersby. Owners can coordinate colors based on the season, special event, or theme.

One thing that should be noted, LEDs run on direct current. While this can make LED lighting perfect for running on solar and batteries, it will need a driver to convert AC into DC at the correct voltage. Before choosing your LED lights, be sure to consider your power source, and specify your accessories accordingly.

Whether you plug your RGB display lights into an AC outlet or wire it into a solar set-up, it’s sure to save you money. RGB LED lights are much more energy-efficient than either incandescent, fluorescent or neon bulbs, and will give you many more options when creating brilliant color displays.

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