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Heat sinks are required for operation of all externally threaded Light Plugz to draw heat away from the LED junction and disperse it to the ambient air. A heat sink should be screwed all the way to the top of the Light Plugz body so that it is flush with the lens cap. For sealed fixtures, there should always be full contact between the heat sink outer surface and the fixture inner surface for maximum heat transference.

Light Plugz users may select the appropriate heat sink from those offered by American Illumination, or may produce their own designs as long as they are approved. Those who wish do design their own heat sinks should consult American Illumination for specific guidelines.

American Illumination offers several different models of heat sinks based on size, shape and application. The HS6 Series heat sinks are wide and often better suited for the higher power Light Plugz models as well as sealed fixtures. The HS1 Series heat sinks have a smaller overall diameter than the HS6 Series and are better suited for narrow fixtures. The Quick Release (QR) Series feature 4 tiny set screws such that the heat sink can be split into two pieces when unscrewed. Heat Sink Nuts are dual-purpose heat sinks to be used in conjunction with a bracket, plate or other fixture assembly and are not sufficient heat sinks on their own.


HS1 Series
HS6 Series
Quick Release Series
Pendant Series
Heat Sink Nuts