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Lighting up a yard not only adds beauty to the landscaping at night, but it also adds security. To plan the right landscape lighting, begin by spending some time in the yard at night. Walk around and visualize how the landscape should be lit, to both provide security as well as highlight the best features of the garden.

You’ll want to light up pathways, and places around the house where an intruder could hide. You’ll also want to place lights within reach of an outlet, or, use solar LED landscape lighting; solar-powered LED lights can be placed anywhere they will get sun during the day to charge up the batteries. Solar LED landscape lighting is also very affordable ad readily available at most home improvement and garden stores.

You’ll also want to look out from the windows at night, before deciding where to place the landscape lighting. You want the lighting to look good both inside and out. Think about how the pathways, deck, and garden will look like lit up from the inside of the home. Properly planned outdoor lighting around the home can provide a nice view from the windows during the evening.

Also, consider the different types of outdoor lighting; task lights light pathways and serve as security lights. Ambient lighting includes hanging lights, posts, and wall lights. Finally, accent lights include spotlights lighting up garden features you want to show off.

A little bit of outdoor landscape lighting goes a long way, so don’t over-do it. Some HOAs may have rules concerning outdoor lighting, so check with the HOA before spending any money.