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The lighting that is used in a home sets the tone for comfort and coziness. When you want your home to be as welcoming and well-lit as possible, you need to look beyond the lighting styles of yesteryear. Translucent bulbs no longer suffice for providing the ultimate beauty and warmth to your house.

Instead, you can accent light the home sufficiently without sacrificing its welcoming atmosphere or elegance when you use linear neon LED strips. These neon LED strips can be the ideal choice for various areas of your home today.

Lighting the Front Room

The front room of your home is the main area that guests see right away when they enter. No one wants to give the impression that they are about to go to bed or do not want to entertain company.

To set the tone for welcoming anyone in the room, it is best to use LED lights that are bright yet warm and indirect. Neon LED lights are excellent as cove lights in foyers or back lighting. They are the perfect solution to illuminate the room clearly without hurting the eyes or adding pixelation as LED tape can. Additionally, Neon LED sources are excellent choices for artistic displays as a standalone solution, but can also be used as a light source in curved of linear light fixtures, such as pendants and sconces.

LED bulbs also last for years longer than conventional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs because heat isn’t trapped in a single high-density source. They are well-known to lower your utility bills and cost much less to run than traditional light bulbs.

When you want to use the most innovative lighting applications in your home, you can get the right look and beauty with Neon LED lights from American Illumination Inc. They are ideal to use in every room of your home including the front living room.