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More people today are concerned about saving the planet and cutting back on precious energy stores. This is why many individuals are deciding to switch their traditional light bulbs with more energy-efficient LED bulbs. One top LED bulbs manufacturer offers some practical insider tips for residential home lighting.

Layer Your Lights for Greater Visual Depth & Interest

This technique is easy to do, and there really isn’t one right way or a certain definite wrong way to accomplish this goal. The idea is to combine different types of lighting in the same space in order to create a somewhat 3-D depth perception that displays a greater visual interest.

How Light Layering Works

For example, a homeowner could hang a few pendant light fixtures over a kitchen counter/bar or island, put recessed lights above the top cabinets and install backsplash lighting underneath those top cabinets. These can be turned on one at a time or all at once for a more dramatic effect and impact. These light fixtures do not have to match up exactly, but the designs should blend and/or be complementary to each other. The key is to create that perfect balance.

Reasons to Choose LED Bulbs Rather Than Traditional Ones

The LED bulbs of today look nothing like those first editions decades ago. These have better color, are more energy-efficient, and can be used in smart lighting fixtures too. Always buy from a reputable LED bulbs manufacturer to ensure you’re getting the best quality and style.