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Some of the top LED fixtures manufacturers share some of today’s best lighting trends for home and business spaces. While LED lights have traditionally been associated with frugal living and energy savings, these bulbs have come a long way in design styles, material choices, texture patterns, sizes and bulb glow intensities.

Look for Bold Pops of Color & Lots of Texture Lighting

For those who are tired of the same old minimalist design look with stark white or metallic hues and little color, this new trend towards bold color pops on light fixtures combined with lots of texture in the materials will be a welcome change of pace. Think vibrant red, golden yellow or sassy emerald green jewel tones on sculptured woods, carved metals or chunky glass pieces for just a few ideas of what to expect.

New Lighting Designs for the Kitchen & Dining Areas

The cold industrial styled pendants, that hang over a kitchen work station, counter or island, are being replaced by rows of mini pendants in fun materials and funky shades and shapes. Geometric lighting fixtures are still popular, many LED fixtures manufacturers assure consumers, and the LED bulbs themselves now come in some flirty vintage styles with warm ambient light that warms up a room instantly.

Step Back In Time & Keep a Foot Squarely In the Future

Retro vintage led light bulbs and fixtures are all the rage. These lights give the space a nostalgic air. Vintage combined with futuristic lighting is always timeless.